but we can’t bloom all the time

(and that’s ok)

fire rose

I really love when you’re being so talkative and confident because I know in that very moment, right there, you’re feeling good. That kind of adrenaline that keeps you talking and enjoying what you’re saying and your thoughts and everything about yourself. And I cherish those moments so much because I also know how rare, short and random they are.

We will never be like them, are we? Because this is just how we are. Loneliness and silence and chaos is what we’re made of… But it doesn’t matter because now we know that’s beautiful. In fact, there’s nothing more beautiful. I rather be a listener than a talker, because I can learn from everything, from everyone, from myself. And when I talk, what I say is meaningful. And when I feel, I feel deeply. I don’t want to “jump from one empty situation to another”.


I used to desperately wish I was like them.

You helped me see that I can be so much more.


(please, please, keep that always in mind…)


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