everything about you is precious and meaningful… every single one of your words, said and written. the most genuine of your smiles, the most awkward one, your fingers delicately, lovingly caressing the keys of a piano, your voice growling and spitting all the anger you can’t contain inside anymore. your chest moving fast because of your turbulent breathing, your sleepy eyelids and your lips slightly curled in a smile when you’re in peace, your bursts of hectic energy or when you let yourself slide in that (needed) lethargic serenity.

can see so much of your inner self in the most insignificant things you do that sometimes I think I could spend hours and hours just looking at you, astonished by your existence. the fact that your heart is beating, your eyes are fixed on something, your brain is silently working frantically. what would I give to be able to know you, because I’m aware this is nothing but the very surface… but that’s more than enough for me to love every inch of your being, in the distance, but honestly. deeply. unconditionally.